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About this item:
High-quality 3D Knitted Fabric: Made of elastic 3D knitted fabric for superior compression,
comfort, and a true fit. Absorbs sweat, keeps the arm dry, breathable, lightweight, and
skin-friendly. Can be worn all day.
Exceptional Sports Support: Common among athletes in various sports like tennis, basketball,
badminton, golf, and weightlifting. Provides great support and targeted compression, stabilizing
the joint, protecting against scratches and impact. Allows full range of motion and maintains
performance even with an injured elbow.
Elbow Protection and Pain Relief: Guards against minor scratches and abrasions. Regulates
body temperature and serves as elbow warmers. Increases blood flow, aids muscle recovery, and
relieves pain from conditions like bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, and strains. Offers mild relief for
overuse injuries, golf elbow, and tennis elbow.
Adjustable Compression Strap: Features a wide, fully adjustable strap for custom compression
and a secure fit. Relieves forearm stress and fatigue, provides elbow pain relief, and protects
tendons from strain. Ensures lasting relief and peak performance. (Note: Be cautious with Velcro
sticking to the fabric of the arm sleeves.)

Elbow Compression Sleeves with Adjustable Strap

SKU: 00002
$21.99 Regular Price
$18.95Sale Price
  • Brand name: Ankoma 

    Number of items: Single 

    Style: Sport & Casual 

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