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About this item:
All-around pain relief: Contoured arm brace absorbs shock and reduces pressure on injured
joints, providing relief from arthritis, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, tendonitis, stiffness, and more.
Breathable and comfortable: Lightweight 3D knitting technology offers a snug fit, full range
of motion, and moisture-wicking to prevent sweat accumulation on the elbow.
Targeted support and compression: High-elastic material provides lasting compression,
improves blood flow, keeps the arm warm, and reduces swelling for enhanced joint stability.
Versatile use: Ideal for activities like work, gardening, cooking, gym training, and house
cleaning to support the wrist and forearm during repetitive movements (not recommended for
bedtime use).

Elbow Compression Sleeve Tennis Elbow Braces

SKU: 00004
  • Brand name: Ankoma 

    Number of items: Single 

    Style: Sport & Casual 

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