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✅ Full foot support: Our ankle sleeve provides comprehensive support for your entire foot. With its crisscross design, it securely holds your ankle in place and stabilizes it, reducing the risk of sprains. The full compression foot sleeves effectively correct your joints and restore resilience, further minimizing the chances of ankle injuries during sports and physical activities. 

✅ Ideal foot relief: Experience effective pain relief and muscle relaxation with our compression ankle socks. The socks not only provide support but also massage the tissue during movement, promoting blood circulation and activating muscles. They are beneficial for conditions such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis, sprains, swelling, and tendonitis. 

✅ Breathable and comfortable: Our Achilles tendon socks with straps are designed for convenience and comfort. They are made from breathable, soft, and elastic materials that wick away moisture. The form-fitting design ensures they stay in place and are lightweight, allowing them to easily fit into any shoes without causing skin irritations. 

✅ Ankle/foot support for an active lifestyle: Don't let plantar fasciitis or pain slow you down! Our plantar fasciitis foot sleeve support is designed to keep you active. It provides the perfect fit for any activity without restricting your movements. Whether you're playing basketball, volleyball, skiing, skating, football, soccer, running, jogging, participating in track and field, CrossFit, weightlifting, tennis, or engaging in various physical activities, our ankle sleeves offer the necessary support. 

Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve with Adjustable Straps

SKU: 00011
  • Brand name: Ankoma 

    Number of items: Single 

    Style: Sport & Casual 

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